Can Hollywood help?

What if all those in the arts including blockbuster movies spent just a little time making films on how to motivate students?  We could have hundreds of YouTube shorts that could address different problems that parents and teachers have to inspire students.  Help us contact those in the arts and ask for their help.hollywood

The arts market is large.  Look at just the movie income this year.

The Hollywood Reporter has crunched the numbers, and while August ticket sales have been impressive, the reality is that the summer box office as a whole is on track for a record drop. It was back in July that we learned that the season was on pace for a 20 percent drop from 2013, and while that number has since fallen to 15.3 percent, that’s still a troubling statistic. From May 2nd to August 17th of last year, a total of $4.367 billion in revenue was collected. This year, that number stands at only $3.699 billon. Right now the industry is on pace for an eight-year low, and there’s a chance that the $4 billion mark won’t be reached by Labor Day. Of course, none of these numbers factor in all of the business that is being done abroad.