Google’s founding and words

Google’s founding 10 years ago and words

This month marks the 10th anniversary of Google’s founding. The Wall Street Journal looked back a the words that were used then to start one of the most important companies in world history.Google Summer of Code

This is just another example of how important words are. Help us find the words to inspire students to work hard. Maybe Google will help. We are contacting them.


From the WSJ August 18, 2014.


“To mark the Aug. 19 anniversary of its IPO, I sifted back through those words, looking for clues to what has made Google the company it is today. If this is a founding document—a Magna Carta or a Declaration of Independence—does its sense of purpose endure?

It’s tempting to assess only the infamous “don’t be evil” commitment, dropped into the prospectus’s founders letter by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. But there is much more in this letter.

It conveys clarity of purpose that many companies only grope toward. Plainly and with examples, it manages to infuse a great capitalistic undertaking with a higher calling.”